I commit today to seeking His face alone.
The face that smiles, welcoming me to come.
The hands that are outstretched, daring me to run to them and to see where He will take me.
The heart that loves with every pulse emanating from it.
The eyes that see the depth of my soul and still cherish me beyond compare.
The feet that quicken at my every heartache to lead me in the paths of righteousness.
Today, I commit to seeking His face alone.

I am stranded in the desert.
My mind is heavy laden with thick, clinging, groggy emotions that leave me blinded, separated from the light.
My head is pounding to the force of each doubt creeping into my thoughts like a shady mist that encircles the trunk of a tree.
My heart aches.
Tears pour freely as I break from the hard, pushing pressure laid upon the walls of my mind, will, and strength.
I crumble to the ground overwhelmed.
Today, I am stranded in the desert.

I hear His whisper.
Through the thick, heavy fog I see a light.
I see His light.
He comes to me like a burst of air so crisp and refreshing everything else fades to empty worthlessness.
He lifts me up and wipes away my fragile tears.
His presence ceases all my doubts; it stops my darkened hopelessness.
I look into His eyes and see never failing, never ceasing, ever enduring compassion that has caught me in the midst of my fall.
“I am with You. You are my lamb that I am holding in my arms, carrying close to my heart. You are my treasured possession. Why do you doubt my faithfulness?”
I cannot help but smile as He lays aside my heavy, jagged, and encompassing worries as I place them into His hands.
Today, I hear His whisper.

I am learning.
I am continuing my journey with the Hope that never leaves or forsakes.
I am running with the lightness of peace that surpasses understanding.
I am learning what it feels like to jump into His arms and experience His presence.
I am learning to accept His stretching challenges that test my determination.
I am learning to laugh.
I am learning to love.
I am learning to trust.
I am learning to live.

 © 2012 Deborah Hope Shining


  1. One of my favorites you have written! Keep seeking His face, you will never regret it dear one.


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