Beautiful Tears

Below is a piece I wrote after we had to put our dog down.  Any references to Dallas, then, are referring to our dog.

There's a gash in my heart
where something has been
torn away.

The wound is fresh, bleeding, pulsing,

"It's just too painful," my heart whispers.

A heavy sorrow dwells in my gash.
It will lay passively unless probed,
at which time it throbs in escalation.

I miss Dallas.

The force of my sorrow pushes tears to my eyes.

Dallie, girl ...

A weighty emptiness.  A fallen tear.  An ache in my chest.

There's a gash in my heart
where something has been 
torn away.

Yet, as I am laying in the grass
immersed in the shadows, I see 
the sun emerging.

Its rays touch my tear that has fallen to the ground,
and that effusion from my heart

There is beauty in the pain.

The tear is transformed. 
Glistening from the sun,
it highlights the surface in a way that only water can.

Deeper vision is uncovered and
tiny details are discovered.

Once this light-catching tear has run its course down the stalk of grass,
it will reach the soil and soak deep into the roots.

This very token of heart-ache will create growth and thereby enable new heights.
It will cause new sprouts that will make the grass
more full
more beautiful.

A  heart is gashed.  A pain pulses.  A tear falls.

Yet, the sun rises still.

There is beauty in the broken.

 © 2013 Deborah Hope Shining


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