Hypocritical High-Chair

God, get me off of my hypocritical high-chair.

Up there,
so full of knowledge, discernment, supposed wisdom, and seemingly vast experience,
excusing selfishness in the name of a healthy, balanced life
being too concerned with the
big things and
big people
to miss
the significant,
and too concerned
about establishing a name on earth - ahem, mine-
(but of course, not as consumed with self-establishment as others)
I sit:

Up on the high chair -
head in the clouds
where thoughts are muddled
truth becomes tangled as doubt
mixes throughout -
I am kept in the high-chair
of infancy.

In reality,
I am a tool in the hand of the One
who claims the real high-chair:
the throne.

Yet, where was the enthroned One found?
on Earth -
laughing, crying, sweating, walking, talking
with the people.
Love embodied who came not "to be served,
but to serve, and to give
His life
as a ransom for many" (Matt. 20:28).

So, how can I
simply sit,
hearing Your truth, but doing
n  o  t  h  i  n  g.

{Father, forgive me}

Should not faith produce
action which brings
change which produces  
healing which fosters
faith again?
Should not this cycle of love
be compelling me to action?

{Father, forgive me}
Oh, LORD, we need You.

Instead of being "high up,"
let's get "hyped up" and sold out

© 2013 Deborah Hope Shining


I definitely don't want this to be a monologue. What are your thoughts? Questions? Ideas?