In Pursuit of Me

When you're grasping in the darkness,

when you've taken the step and are
in the blackness as you strive,   strive,    strive ...

Nothing has changed -
                                         your vision is still barely existent
                                         the same imagined shapes still haunt the distance
                               the doubts still encircle your heart in a suffocating cloud of anguished questioning
Nothing has changed,
                                         except the movement of your feet and the decision deep within your soul.

The darkness still presses,
and you are without certainty.
Is this attempted walking even leading anywhere?
How is patience to be maintained in the falls?

The bruises on your knees only reflect the bruises you feel have implanted themselves on
your soul
from this toiling called living.

When you're groping in the darkness,
the darkness can be all you see.

But there are whispers that you can hear,
whisperers from the one who is light himself, who guides and leads

"I will never leave.
I did not say life would be easy, but I said
I would be with you.
I did not say that I would take away your problems, but I gave you a way to overcome.
I said I AM"

That. Is.  Always.  Enough -
                                                enough to sustain,
I said I AM.

You said: God, I will go; Lord, I will follow.  I'm yours.

Though you cannot see as you're groping in the darkness, you have my presence.  my truth.
As you obey my call in the darkness,
I am making a way.
I know what lies within the black, within the uncertainty, within the lack of understanding.

I ask your trust.
                 I ask you to keep pouring your life out in pursuit of me.
                                    I say to you, "Child, you are mine."

With your heart in my hands and your life found surrendering to my plan,

Have faith.  Hope is not lost.


© 2014 Deborah Hope Shining


  1. Awesome ! Jesus only you can love for who I am! Just as I am !


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