From One High-Schooler to You: Three Things You Should Know

Time can't go backwards.  (That frustrates me almost more than anything).

During the time each of us is given, however, we learn lessons.  Lessons made for sharing.
Each one of us has a story, a gem of wisdom capable of saving - saving time, energy, heartache, or maybe even a life.

It's easy to wish we could go back to certain moments in life and share a gem of wisdom we now have with ourselves.
But we can't.
Time won't go backwards.
Other people, however, may be at a point where they desperately need just what you are wanting to say.

Please, for the sake of all those around you, say it.

What I've written below what I wish I could've told myself four years ago.  I talk more about those four years, in particular, in the post "Of Tears and Four Years: A Prelude" which you can read by clicking here.

Here, especially for you, is that bit of what one fumbling high-schooler has learned along the way.

- - - - || Three Words || - - - - -


1. Know who you are.
 No, I don't mean "know what you like, what you do, your style," or anything like that.  I mean know, without a shadow of a doubt, your identity - who you are at your core because everything else about you will stem from that.
Don't only know who you are, though; believe it and live from it.

(Want to know who you are at your core?  To see seven things you just can't help being, click here. For more thoughts on your Biblical identity, click here.)

2. Now, stop focusing on you and live responsibly.
You know who you are, so you are freed up to do what you need to do.
Invest in what's really important - not in worries, not in dwelling on what other people think of you, and not in obsessing over either the past or future.  All you've got is right now, so use it and invest wisely.  People matter - invest yourself in them, in relationships, and in building others up.  Faith matters - invest yourself in seeking His face so that you can hear and know His will.  Then you will know where else He is wanting you to invest.
Finally, no matter where you are, always invest all of yourself.  Don't hold back.  It's pointless (let's be real.)

3. Be an intentional good-doer and problem solver.
The world needs you!  Daily, you have opportunities to speak life and plant hope.  You know where in your life.  You know the girl who just needs a hug, your friends who just needs to hear that you love them, your sibling who really needs some help with that homework.
You bless people, though, not only with what you do but also by who you are.  Somebody needs to see a smiling face today.  Someone is hearing that conversation you are having with your mom.  Someone notices how you responded to that situation.  You are leaving a fragrance behind whether you like it or not.
Further, you have skills needed in problems that are asking you to solve them!  So go.  do.  Purpose to pour yourself out because when you've emptied yourself, you will be filled in a whole new way.

My message is this:
Be grounded in who you are.
Be invested fully in all the responsibilities that come your way.
Be a blessing by leaving a fragrance of hope as you pour out yourself for this world's healing.

For time will not go backwards.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now, you, wonderful person at the other end of this screen, have a message, a story, a wisdom gem, too.  You know the world needs to hear it.  Please, then, bless us all by sharing it in the comments below.  Thank you for choosing to touch somebody's life.

© 2014 Deborah Hope Shining 


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