By Whispering Led

He stands.
The mountain is tearing apart.
The rocks are breaking into pieces.
The ground is being split by an earthquake.
A fire is blazing.
He stands,
and a whisper drifts through.

Only then, does He put his shirt over his face and leave.

The whisper.

Elijah had waited.  
He had known God's presence was not in any of the previous things,
so he had waited. 
Only the whisper caused Him to move.

The whisper.

We stand.
The big, powerful, prominent is staring us in the face.
The flashy is so appealing.
Surely, God must be leading by what's "so big and important"
Surely, God is at least leading to what's "so big and important"
Surely, God is leading through what is appealing to us,
what makes sense, 
what seems to give us the most happiness and opportunities.
Surely, God wants what we find appealing.

Yet, the whisper.

Maybe it's sometimes that through the whispers 
resonating deep in our heart
that we are being led.

Maybe we more often need to be more concerned with where God's presence is that we are willing to wait till we know it's Him - 

willing to wait through the big, the flashy, the prominent, the seemingly perfect opportunities
willing to wait until we know it's Him, until we know He's telling us to move.

For I would rather have the power of the presence in the place I know He's whispering for me to be in than to have the power of my own self-will forcing me into places I know He's not bringing me.

We may have to wait through the excessive displays of power that seem so right (but where God isn't).
We may have to wait through this continually, doubting whether He is ever going to show up and lead at all.
We may have to wade through our own tendencies to get stuck on seeking "the big,"
yet in the process may we learn 
to turn from our own will and understanding 
to seeking the whisper He planted within us
and acknowledge where He is wanting us to go.

May we be so humble to lose our control of our grip on where our lives are headed
and to stop pursuing the places where we know He is not,
but instead be
be found while finding Him.

May we not ignore the voice of the Almighty,
for He is the Great I AM. 

© 2014 Deborah Hope Shining


  1. To trust that whisper. Thanks for sharing!


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