Perpetual Tomorrows

Why am I looking at places that I've never been
and pinning realities that I do not have?
The more I look,
the less I do.
The more I pin,
the less I see of what's around me.
when I can
and work towards
making these dreams a reality?

Because thinking about stuff (or more like thinking about ourselves) 
and planning to act 
idk maybe tomorrow? 
leaves us with a life of 
wasted presents and 
perpetual tomorrows where our dreams 
never become a reality 
or where we never find new dreams as we step out in pursuit. 

I'm seeing that
all my life ever is and ever will be is a life
of todays.
My intentions
of yesterday are just that: they belong to yesterday.
My intentions
of tomorrow are just that: they belong to tomorrow.
Today is all I've got and todays
are what my life is made of. 

Todays matter. 
Because the kind of life that I'm living is gonna be 
the kind of life that I have. 
Some perpetual idea of tomorrow and of the future 
will never show up
if I cannot utilize the todays
With each breath, thought, movement, energy, word, look, touch, 
I want to live regret-less. 
I want to l.i.v.e. 

Here's to going, then.
Go, be the kind of person you want to be.
Do the kind of things you've always wanted to do.
Speak the kind of words that you've kept locked up inside.
Live with the confidence of knowing you are living out your convictions and of knowing that yes, yes, your life does matter.

And - wherever you are - never cease to be fully there.

© 2015 Deborah Hope Shining


  1. Deborah! This is beautiful and came to me on the perfect day. Its like you put my thoughts into words. These are some things I have been thinking about just today. I realize I keep saying tomorrow I will do this or that and then each day comes and goes and becomes a failure and another wasted day. So by God's grace I want to live each day for him like there is no tomorrow. ;) Thanks for the encouragement today. ;)

  2. Hey Hannah! It is so great to hear from you :D I am so with you; those tomorrows can be a struggle, and it is encouraging to me to know that I'm not alone in this struggle! Yes, God's grace is so amazing, though, and can give us strength to live for Him with all we've got. Thanks for commenting!


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