Top Five Posts of 2014

Here are the top five most clicked posts of 2014:
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"BuzzFeed quizzes.

They get to us all (don't they?) and try to define from the depths of our souls who we are.

I am not immune from these either..."

"The cup sits on the white cloud of college envelopes,
envelopes which are much more than just mail to be sifted through.
Each one added to the pile is blaring a message.
Come here; our campus is the most gorgeous! 
Want to travel and discover the world?  Our college is for you..."




It's pretty stressful for us students.
That pressure... well, maybe you've resorted to screaming as those late nights just keep turning into early mornings, gotten lost in your sea of notes, or maybe even tearfully considered moving to a different country and starting life over again..."

"Time can't go backwards.  (That frustrates me almost more than anything).

During the time each of us is given, however, we learn lessons.  Lessons made for sharing.
Each one of us has a story, a gem of wisdom capable of saving - saving time, energy, heartache, or maybe even a life ..."

"With choppy movements, the tiny fingers slide the pen across torn paper.
It was one of four weekly babysitting jobs, 
and I recorded some wonder I witness from 
these delightfully hilarious kids, 
kids who unceasingly lead me deeper and deeper 
into the heart of God ..."

© 2015 Deborah Hope Shining


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