For The Immune

Is it ever too soon
to realize that you've become immune? 

Immune to this very thing you claim
and realizing that (actually) you've been treating it as if it's all just a game.

A game that you can play, sometimes...
because we're all too often afraid to realize
that we're living a life in which (hey) there actually is a greater prize.

We're immune as we sit in our Christian groups
and just talk in Christian loops

with words that are so cliché
it's like trying to teach people how to plié
when (truth is) the world is hating on our ballet

because our game is coming across as just that -
a show
as unpredictable as a change of the hat

because people can never know
when they are looking in at these Christians
how far these people are gonna go

These Christians claim
to know a name
that erases all shame
and brings life out onto another plane

But they sit
living lame

Maybe we need to learn just a bit
how to relight our flame.

Christians, this one goes out to you
The message in our lives is not meant to be as simple and convenient as a drive thru
It's meant to not only change what you do
but shape who you are

And this who you are, (oh) it reaches so far
It shines like the stars
if only we are not afraid.

Maybe if we realized more often how we were made
We would not be so confused, so hesitant, so doubting but would just live real.

Real - what does that even mean?

It means that we are not afraid to feel -
to feel the weight of our sin,
our brokenness within,
the pain all around us,
the deep injustices that try to drown us.

Being real means we're not afraid to deal -
afraid to deal with the problems that confront us.

It means we're not afraid to appeal -
to show through our tied up words and flawed lives
by our love, our hope, and our actions that we know the one with the power to heal.

This one goes out to you, Christians.

(Oh) there is a time that is too soon to be immune.
It is always too soon to be immune to the very power
that the words you're speaking hold

Because (yes) even in this hour
these words have the power to mold.

So let's forget our games and ballets
and vow that we are going to make a change to-day.

Let's rediscover what it means to be a Christian
and remember what it actually is to live on mission
cause (like it or not) we've been commissioned.

Everyone who is commissioned has a commissioner
and I don't think the commissioner is gonna give slack
when we've just wallowed in our selfish lack

Lack of seeking the truth
and laying our lives down as living proof

That Jesus changes lives
and there is power for those who just go for it and dive

and repents of the sin
in order to be all in.

(Oh yes) it's too soon to be immune
because Jesus is real.

That's the whole deal.

© 2015 Deborah Hope Shining


  1. Amen! Fiery preaching and wake up call for many Christians who are slack! God bless! I pray that both Grace and truth should be ministered to the body of Christ! This contains a lot of truth! Many should read this one Deborah! It's one of best the spirit of God guided you to write! But I must say Let God have all the Glory! GLORY TO HIM ALONE!


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