Just One More

My iPhone is sitting on the couch.
I pick it up and start.
Start checking Insta, creeping on Facebook, scanning Twitter, scrolling through pins.
Just one more look on the feed...
and then I'll be done and do something else.

Just one more.

Just one more went on for minutes,
then it became a mentality that went on for
days, weeks, months.

Just one more.

I'm learning something, though;
it's never just one more.

It's just one less.

I pick up my phone and automatically go to that app and have
just one less
conversation with my sister in our last year at home together.

I pick up my phone and automatically go to that app and have
just one less
time of thanking God for such beautiful Februaries.

I pick up my phone, automatically go to that app, and have
just one less
moment to do the things I need to.

I have just one less
dream being pursued
person being loved on
conversation being made
new opportunities being discovered.

One plus one adds up, though, and it's never just one less.

one less adds to one less adds to one less adds to one less adds to one less

and pretty soon my one lesses add up to make me full of nothing other than
an empty life.

We can get so full of our losses that we've lost room for Jesus.

The one less dream being pursued soon becomes a dream being dead.
The one less person being loved on soon becomes a relationship being ended.
The one less conversation being made soon becomes a conversation escaped.
The one less opportunity being discovered soon becomes an opportunity completely missed.

It's just the harsh reality;
It's the fruitfulness and fullness of our lives at stake here.

I don't want just one more, and I don't want to settle for the emptiness of just one less.

I just want more of Jesus.

Lord, make us a people who want more of you and less of anything that keeps us from you.

We want Jesus, Lord.

© 2015 Deborah Hope Shining:
This post is an adaptation of what Deborah posted
on Bravery Magazine


  1. I agree with this to an extent. You CAN always use your social media meanderings for profitable uses - texting someone you love, tweeting an encouraging verse, posting something on Instagram that's NOT a selfie and could actually bless someone, etc. But I totally see what you're saying!! Being on our smart phones isn't always as smart as we think it is.
    Great article. I'm sharing it on Facebook;)


    1. Haha I love that -- being on our smart phones sure isn't always that smart! Yeah, I definitely agree, though; they can be a tool to use for good. I think the key can be trying to find the balance, and when it's found, it's a great way to live! (and thank you so much for sharing!!)

  2. Stark reality! Amen to this article! The more we get to know about the world and its fading joys, the more our heart, mind desires for Jesus! To be honest its another way the Holy Spirit shows us, the emptiness all around and within us!
    Some say Jesus is all we need! Well this one thing I know for sure: JESUS IS ALL WE HAVE! JESUS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!


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