When You're Wishing (Again)

something new has started for me.

this time in my life has brought a lot of news, and i'm afraid that it's been giving my mind more news than it sometimes can handle.

people say that when you move to a new place, you change. things come at you that you didn't expect.  you are hit with the new - the new of the good and the bad.

this is a new palace where i believe God is going to work in incredible ways and do things that i can't even comprehend.

yet maybe that is where i am getting tripped up.

He's going to move in ways that I can't comprehend.

That means that.. I may not always be certain of where He's moving and how He is going to be moving next.

It means that I must sit and wait; I must sit in the place where I feel (frankly) a little helpless.

I am sitting and seeing so many opportunities, so many things that are open to me.  I am left to wonder, though, at where to go next and what to do next.

I am sitting and becoming a little impatient because I am not seeing the things I wish as fast as I wish.

This wants to lead to discouragement where I ask God why I'm waiting yet again (because sometimes an unknown future is better than an unwelcome reality).

What am I really waiting on, though?

I'm not waiting on myself to shape up and fix my problems.
I'm a weak, flawed human but am graced to be covered in grace.

Maybe it's not so much that I am covered in grace but that I must choose to let myself break into it.

I am feeling helpless to make my life become what I always wished it were, so I must break in my helpless weakness into His grace that is perfected in weakness.

I am feeling impatient as I want to blame God for not giving me what I want as quickly as I desire it, so I must break in my stubborn pride that is always demanding its way into the grace of Him who humbled Himself to become a servant for the flawed humans He loves.

I must choose to see that I cannot see what is ahead, but that is okay; I can see Him who is faithful.

He is faithful to complete what He has shown me, so I must be faithful to staying close to Him.  I must be faithful to let myself break into His grace.  I must be faithful to become a servant who is so in love with the One who is Love.

I must be faithful to wait on the One who made the stars.

He does not forget.

So, dear reader, why not wait on Him? Why not break into His grace?  Why not draw close to Him?

I encourage you, today: do not give up. do not give in to the lies that try to suffocate your joy. cling fast to the truth that will set you free. you can live in the joy that is your strength even as you wait.

Hold on to hope cause He's holding onto you. 

This post was originally seen on Brave Mag.


  1. Amen! Its tough but a great reminder. Thanks. It was very useful. Glory to HIM.


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