Top Five Posts of 2015

Here are the top five most clicked posts of 2015:
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5.  If We Met || It's Me

"Again, dear readers, I am not able to talk with each of you face-to-face.  This makes me more sad than you know!  In hopes to give you some more perspective of the life of this blogger behind the screen, here are seven things you might notice if we met..."

4.  Because I'm Coming Back || For Perpetual Starters

"Yeah. Somebody has said it before:
anybody can start (it just might be the easiest thing in the world to do).  but finishing? (yeah, that takes true strength).

I have a confession..."

3.  Perpetual Tomorrows

"Why am I looking at places that I've never been
and pinning realities that I do not have?
The more I look, 
the less I do.
The more I pin,
the less I see of those around me..."

2.  Where Christ Actually Means Something {Come on, My Generation}

"Does anything ever just make you mad? Like really, really mad?
I'm there right now. I've actually had this post written for over four months, but I never published it. I've never published it because I'm afraid: afraid it will come across all wrong, afraid that people will misunderstand my heart ..."

1.  The How

"'How am I doing? Ah, that’s quite the question.'

I lean forward, elbow resting on the edge of the light brown table - the table with the edges that have always seemed so crisp. so precise. so final..."


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