Yes, You Should Waste Time

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Your time matters. Each second counts. Make sure that you are making the most of every opportunity.

We’ve heard it before. We know.

Our time is college is a beautiful thing. 

We should be engaging with all that is around us – people, ideas, places, opportunities.
Here’s the thing, though.

One of the most important things for us to do is to waste: to waste time.
Waste time in a way that your life is made more than it was before. Waste time regardless of how people want you to spend it.
Waste time to do this:
  • To do things that make you laugh a little more loudly.
  • To have conversations that have implications longer than the minutes you spend talking.
  • To chase the dreams that otherwise would fade to distant thoughts.
Because who defines what wasting time is, really?

We like to say that any time not spent “being productive” is such a waste. 

What exactly qualifies as “productive,” though?

Assignments? Projects?

Well, yes, we do have a responsibility to be productive with our time in those areas. Isn’t life more than just this, however?

What if we made our focus on being productive in (simply) life?
  • I want to make the most of my conversations.
  • I want to make the most of my goals and try something a little outside of my comfort zone.
  • I want to make the most of my future and take risks.
  • I want to spend time seeing the world more clearly and (as a result) seeing myself more clearly.
  • I want to spend time finding out what it means to live.
And, if this means some people might say I’m “wasting my time,” then I say okay.

I choose life.
© 2016 Deborah Hope Shining
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