Exciting News || Odyssey Edition

Sometimes, elements in your life have a really hard time coming together.
Other times, it's really, really cool to witness the hand of God at work when you are faithful to obey Him.

I'm among the first to admit that results like what I'm about to share definitely don't always occur when you're being faithful. Actually, they often can feel like the exception and not the norm, so if you are feeling like you're in a difficult place right now don't give up or lose hope.

I want to encourage you with a small God moment.

It was a regular Wednesday, and I was walking back from a class a little tired, a little discouraged, and just ready to call it a day (but knowing that that was nowhere near happening).

My phone started its threefold continual vibration. This meant I was getting a call. I pulled it out and smiled to myself. The number wasn't programmed into my phone, but it was from New York, New York.

If you know anything about me, you may know that my heart is in the city, and my dream is to be able to move there upon graduation. Seeing that pop up on my screen felt like enough in itself. I figured the call wasn't actually for me (somebody just ended up with my number), but I thanked God for that little smile He's so good at giving.

I reach my dorm and continue with my day, setting my phone down and not looking at it for quite a while (as I have a not always beneficial habit of doing). When I came back, I saw the New York number had left a message. The call actually was for me. 

You see, a couple of nights before this, I'd read an article that someone had sent me. It was from this online media platform called Odyssey. I thought it was cool, and I'd actually researched their company before and had this desire to somehow write for them. How that would happen, I didn't know because their submission process seemed... unique. 

The next day, I'd seen a Facebook post. My school was opening a team of Content Creators for Odyssey. I could request an invite, so I did, and provided some information to seek to join the team.

The called I'd received was from an Assistant Managing Editor located in the city itself, and after a half an hour conversation filled inquiries such as what is the value of media today? what does it take to be a successful content creator? what is the role of social media in media society? I was invited to join the team (which I did).

I proceeded on board with Odyssey for quite a few weeks, weekly contributing articles to the site and learning more about how promotion works with social media.

Then, amid another God story, a role as my school's group's editor-in-chief opened up, and I was asked to fill this role (which I am).

Now, from a girl smiling about a NYC call to a content creator turned editor-in-chief, I'm happy to share that I'm on board with Odyssey and would love to share some of the content I've been producing for them with you:

I'd love to share a simple message with you, too.

Don't you ever, ever give up. Keep on keeping on (even when it's dark). Keep on keeping on even when the results seem to be nowhere in sight. I'm not telling you to keep on keeping on simply because you hope that you might see the results soon (though I hope that for you, too).

I'm asking you to keep on keeping on because He who calls you is faithful, and He asks for your obedience. Keep on keeping on because you are keeping on keeping on serving the King, no matter the results because He is enough.

Keep on keeping on enjoying whatever comes as you keep on (keep on).

© 2016 Deborah Hope Shining


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