it might have looked simple, from your side of the screen

six words, one greeting, one uniting thought

hey from the life I choose

the picture showed five students, two leaders. we were supposed to be at a pumpkin patch, but it was closed

there was the drive of questions, of frenzy, stress around me. there was the police car waiting for us to move, the moms trying to find us, us trying to find a new place, a time to turn back

but the place we landed was better than the place we thought. we didn't choose to go, but we chose to stay.

was it right, wrong, could have been better, should have been different? i don't know. but we were present, fully. circus people around, ice cream in hand, sun setting at our backs

i know here i can hear You, and maybe the where doesn't matter as much as i thought. i've wondered inside my wondering, but some questions are too circuitous for even me anymore. i think they keep me from the grounding, fertile ones

i am here, but You were before and will be after. show me You. You are the God of each soul I cross in a divine moment. show me You. i want to wonder no more except at the ways I get to be tucked within your wing, watching you work. show me You.

what do we do for all eternity? worship. who are we for all of eternity? worshippers caught up in a dance of a trinitarian divine love

i want to choose this. i want to be broken into satisfaction in nothing less but everything more

hey from the life i choose.


I definitely don't want this to be a monologue. What are your thoughts? Questions? Ideas?