My Work

I really like words.
Here's places where I've written some:


Deeply Rooted | More than Ever | Three Practical Ways to Remember the Unreached in Prayer

Facts & Trends | 5 Truths We Forget about World Missions

The Rebelution | Why I Want You to Talk about My Sin

LifeWay Women | Why Your Small Group Needs to Study Biblical Women

LifeWay Groups | How to Encourage 1:1 Mentorship in Your Groups

LifeWay Young Adults | Tips for Discipling New, Young Believers

University of Northwestern St. -- Paul | Tips for Women in Leadership

Odyssey | To the Over-thinkers

Fervr | The Gift of Suffering


Syntactical Analysis: Examining Biblical Connection Between Language and Meaning (MCHS, 2018)

A Biblical Theology of Women in Leadership (UTS, 2018)

Jonathan Edwards on the Holy Spirit: An Analysis into the Derived Definition and Implications (UTS, 2017)

The Holiness Concept within Second Temple Judaism (MCHS, 2017)

Print Publications

Journey, Women's Magazine - Contributor

O Come, O Come Emmanuel Bible Study (releasing Fall 2020) - Contributor

Devotion Magazine: Devotion Girl - Contributor