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Life's just too short to be all uptight and fake about the way things really are.
(Sometimes I think we all could use a little more candor).

Let's just be real, here.  Life filled with both good and bad, and my life is no exception.

I like to make the best of life, no matter the circumstances.  Each day, then, I try to journal before I go to bed.  I like to end my journal entries with lessons I'm learning that day so I focus on those instead instead of freaking out of stressing over life.

I would like to share some of these lessons with you.

Enjoy :)

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  • Throw yourself wholeheartedly into everything you do - schoolwork, a job, conversations, friendships, unique opportunities etc.  Don't hold back.
  • If you have an acquaintance, go include them in your activities.  A simple friendly invitation to join in or a started conversation can go a long way.  To have a friend is to be a friend.
  • Make time to worship God.  She who's mind is fixed on God and is trusting in Him truly experiences a perfect peace.
  • Don't freak out about the "big picture" of your life (school, college, destiny) but instead focus on one step at a time for you have a lamp unto your feet that will show the next step.
  • Do not put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today.
  • Carpe Diem.
  • Grow character versus focusing on creating an awesome person-front.
  • Tell people how much you love and appreciate them.
  • Treat others as Christ and view them as family.
  • Live with your hope firmly planted in the Lord and seek others' good.  When it comes to people, do what you know you should; go the extra step outside your comfort zone and live regret-less.
  • Don't respond curtly to emails even when you feel you're in the right and have just had enough.  Just dont do it.  Grace, respect, and love go a long way.
  • Putting God first really works.  He takes care of all the rest, all your worries.  So do it; let go and trust God.
  • Make a schedule.  Stick to it.
  • Seize every relationship opportunity.  Be confident in who you are, your identity in Christ and un-bashfully talk and be around people.  They are nothing to be afraid of; they are imperfect humans, too.  So talk, interact, and get to know because the times you selfishly, fearfully didn't will cause you much more pain in the long run than any awkwardness, discomfort, or embarrassment  (or the fear of those things).  Get a hold of God's hand and step off the edge into freedom.
  • BE FOCUSED!  Don't let people, wandering thoughts, not priority tasks, and unnecessary "because you deserve it breaks" distract and slow you down.  Push yourself to have excellence no matter how good others acclaim you to be.  You know when you're slacking or being wishy-washy.  Stop, and use the time and gifts God's given you well.  By not, you are only hurting yourself.  Ask "what's my priority" (now, and lifelong) and then do it.
  • Don't live your life safe - not speaking up, not daring to be wrong or embarrassed, not wanting to drive away people. Life's too short.
  • Growth requires failure.
  • Never ever ever stop smiling.
  • In Christ real life is unlocked.
  • Sing your heart out; live your heart out.
  • Deal with your problems right away.
  • Extend grace to others and love them just for who they are.  Embrace their strong-suits and differences versus comparing and harboring jealousy.
  • Let God's presence be your reality and soak in his love and grace.
  • Don't take things too personally, for who are we to judge man's hearts?
  • Strive for excellence in all and forsake intimidation.
  • Trust God and push a little bit farther.  He knows the plans He has for you.
  • Fear God and obey His commandments.
  • Breathe.  (You will get through this). Use your brain over your feelings.
  • Engage fully in each moment because joy is found in embracing each moment and living it at its best without regret about the past, preoccupation during the present, or worry about the future. 
  • Hard-work has a product of sweet satisfactions.
  • Be thankful for the blessing He gives.
  • Enjoy people.
  • Truly, its all in the attitude.
  • Just do your best with confidence even when you're unsure.
  • When in doubt, talk to a baby in a low monotone voice while walking around, and it'll fall asleep :)
  • Keep Jesus at the center so that you don't literally go crazy.
  • Tackle the hard stuff.  The satisfaction of having done your duty well far outweighs the immediate gratification of procrastination.
  • Relationships rely on so many non-verbals.
  • Do what is right with every action in thought, period.  Then, you will avoid regret.
  • God can be trusted; must must fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith!
  • Have patience in forming new habits, be diligent, and have grace with yourself.
  • Sing a song of hope and praise.
  • Do what you know you are supposed to be doing.
  • There is unconditional, endless joy to be found delighting in the Lord.
  • God answers prayers, and is working in your life regardless if you feel it or not.
  • Take time to read good quotes and be inspired.
  • Challenger yourself to strive for your dreams; believe and let it soak deep within you that with God all things are possible.
  • Prioritize and set goals to steadily accomplish tasks. 
  • Be brave.
  • Don't look back [unless it's to sing His praise].
  • The fear of God leaves room for no other fears.
  • Every rain drop, no matter how small, still adds water to the ocean.
  • Some things we simply will not understand fully this side of heaven. 

  • Where God guides, He provides.
  • See through the eyes of love and treat others with Christ in mind for your presence, no matter what kind it will bring, brings a unique atmosphere.
  • We are the ones controlling our choices.  How we choose to spend our time, what our mind dwells on, and what we pursue are our. own. decisions.  We will be the ones receiving the benefits or consequences.
  • Put mind over matter.
  • Kick it into gear.  Life's too short.
  • Wholeheartedly chase after God.
  • There is freedom in living dead, hidden with Christ in God.
  • From what's at the core, everything stems.
  • As has been mused before: A ship in the harbor is safe, but that sure isn't what ships were made for.
  • Everybody has got to start somewhere. 
  • What matters is: people.  people.  people.  people. people!
  • Our hands and hearts can only hold so much.
  • Time is beyond precious. 
  • Words have life.
  • Sometimes it just takes doing it order to learn what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.  It's crazily hard to fix the hypothetical.  Issues and problems arise (and consequently can only be solved) as the doing progresses.
  • Sometimes, sitting in silence next to a person and just being there is enough. 
  • Nothing can break your heart like people can, but neither can anything make them feel so full. 
  • We have the choice to get close or to remain closed.  Closed - we will be safe from the dirty and the heartache, but we also will be shut out from the beautifully messy and the amazingly real life where we feel the wind on our faces and the sun on out backs even though the wind sometimes stings and the sun sometimes burns.
  • Life's too short to freak out.
  • Sometimes all we have to do is let go of ourselves and all that we are grasping to in order to be filled by God, to hear him clearly, and to have our cloudy vision cleansed.
  • People are so much more deeply and beautifully complicated than what we may first see.
  • Stop thinking about it.
  • People are often capable of so much more than they realize. 
  • When you make a mess, clean it up.  Right away.  Better yet, do what you know you're supposed to with each thing to avoid the mess all together.
  • When you try to be profound, it very well may turn out to sound cliché, but when you speak genuinely -from the heart- your words gain life and power to touch souls.
  • Sometimes it's a very wise choice to not ask the question if you know you might not be prepared to handle the answer.
  • My way sure isn't the only way, so have grace for people's differences.
  • Sometimes the hardest thing of all is learning to balance it all.
  • Have grace for emails.  You never know how much someone on the other side of the computer is stressing over the words.  Who knows their true intentions?
  • If you want to know how well you've learned something, try teaching it. 
  • It takes incredible strength to pick yourself up by your bootstraps each time you fall down instead of staying down and moaning that you're sick of the dirt - but - we. can. do. all. things. through. Christ.
  • Learn to get over it, to keep letting go and moving on.
  • Learning to stay on task is a beautiful thing; it's simply a gift that keeps on giving (even if it means you have to give up other "good" things in order to get it).
  • Tomorrow is another day.  Sometimes, that's just got to be enough.

           © 2015 Deborah Hope Shining


                  1. What a gift God has given you to express truths so well dear one. Thank you once again for opening your heart to all who reads these words.
                    Love always - soar13

                  2. God Bless you!! Your a smart woman!! Your parents must be so proud! *inspiring*

                  3. Wonderfully expressed! Love all the wisdom, encouragement, and truths (even when it hurts). Keep seeking Him with all you 've got. Your a world changer, and I love how you start right here!
                    Love you dear!!

                  4. I literally just stumbled upon your blog and GIRL I LOVE THIS. I love your whole blog. Your design, content, and everything -- wow. I LOVE IT. I've actually been writing these type of mantras in my planner. But I love how you categorized them by month. SO CREATIVE!!

                    Your entire blog is so lovely, by the way <3 I literally love it so much.

                    - Autumn
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