You.  Right there.

Life can basically be ridiculously hard at times.
Life can be ridiculously amazing at times, too.

This blog is meant to be a place of hope,
a place where you can find all sorts of encouragement, challenges, musings, and more as we all live messy and beautiful life.

Sometimes life is confusing.  We mess up.  We don't understand.
Sometimes we just wish there was something we could totally rely on, someone who could gives us some reassurance or answers.

Good news for us, somebody lived a life like no one else.
He's pretty radical.

And He is the ultimate source of hope.

It's my deep hope that He will shake your life and become the very life-source that you are unable to live without.

He's a big dreamer.  A life changer.  A hope giver.  A purpose infuser.

And He wants you to be a world changer.

His name is Jesus, and He is mighty to save.


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