Debs, why do you have a website?

Well, I actually don't want one.
And I don't actually want to write words.

But, I've come to see that I don't have a choice.
If I don't write, the words stack up in me and won't leave me alone, at peace.

So I need a place to put my words.
And, I hope that maybe getting them out isn't all that's supposed to happen.
Maybe getting them out (for me) can mean something comes in (for you).

Hopefully something good.
Like new thoughts that might be challenging.
Like a line or two that reminds you, hey, it's gonna be okay.
Like something that can keep you asking questions that make this world a little bit more full of light.

I've had people be these type of word givers for me.

So maybe my words are little letters in a planet in a galaxy often too full of noise, but if these little letters can mean something to someone, wouldn't it be selfish if we each kept our words only inside?

Let's learn to give back.

And this is my step.